14 junior researcher positions at UCT

University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, offers 14 2-year fellowships within EU program MOBILITY (MSCA-IF concept). The salary is very decent, 3 000 Euro/month brutto ~ 2.200 Euro netto.

The application deadline is November 27. And the positions start at April, May, June 2018.
For more details and application, please, visit: https://www.vscht.cz/research/chemjets

In a nutshell, we are looking for 14 postdoc and/or junior researchers with high degree of independence (the fellowship contain also ~15 000 Euro for consumables). The researcher  will be supported by the mentor of his/her choice.

Broad spectrum of chemistry/physics/engineering in application/experiment/theory is covered by our experienced mentors.

Heyda Jan  Soft Matter Chemistry – I would like to attract to Prague experimentalist with experience in spectroscopy of soft matter (neutron, Xray, NMR, IR, …) who will be able to take advantage of newly opened Czech (CEITEC, ELI) or EU facilities (Grenoble, etc.). I can offer my support from the computer simulations, theory and thermodynamic experiments (DSC, ITC, phase-equilibria). 

Other mentors:
Pumera Martin
Inorganic Chemistry
Lhoták Pavel  Organic Chemistry
Švorčík Václav  Chemistry & Technology of Materials
Svozil Daniel  Chemoinformatics – Computational Drug Design
Bouzek Karel Chemistry & Chemical Technology
Novák Pavel  Chemistry & Technology of Materials
Jeníček Pavel  Environmental Chemistry
Hajšlová Jana Food Chemistry & Analysis
Ruml Tomáš  Biochemistry
Patáková Petra & Moucha Tomáš & Ondřej Vopička  Biotechnology & Chemical Engineering & Physical Chemistry
Štěpánek František  Chemical Engineering – Particle Technology
Slavíček Petr Physical Chemistry
Kosek Juraj Chemical Engineering

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