Congratulations to Jakub to 3 Spring publications

We researched the NIPAM/water solution by means of molecular dynamics, osmometry, densimetry and ITC-calorimetry. Employing Kirkwood-Buff inversion, we gathered improved force-field and provided consistent micro- and macroscopic insight. link

Within the collaboration with Darmstadt simulation group (prof. Nico van der Vegt) we have investigated the generic stabilizing effect of TMAO on pentaalanine and other uncharged peptides. TMAO effect at both ambient and deep-ocean conditions was studied and peptide-length and chain-termination challenges were resolved. link

Finally, we were happy to experimentally support our Santa Barbara and Darmstadt colleagues, in their review article on thermodynamic effect of TMAO and urea mixtures with implications on protein denaturation/protection. Complete Kirkwood-Buff description is available over very broad range of concentrations. link


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