Our group employs Experimental Physico-Chemical Techniques along with Computer Simulations to get insight into Complex Systems

Junior Scientists:

honza_foto  daniel_foto

  • Dr. Jan Heyda [CV]
  • Dr. Daniel Ondo [CV]

Ph.D. students:

Vladimir Palivec  Jakub Polak

  • Jakub Polák (2015/2019): Experimental and theoretical study of salting-out effect. [CV]
  • Vladimír Palivec (2016/2020): Computer modeling of glycocalyx and related model systems. [CV]

M.Sc. students:

  • (finished) Vladimír Palivec (2015/2016): Are amides good peptide bond proxies? Molecular dynamics study of salt-specific effects. [CV, MSc_thesis]
  • Adam Kovalčík (2017/2019): Thermodynamics of smart polymers (tba) [CV]

Bc. students:

  • (finished) Adam Kovalčík (2016/2017): Calorimetry and cloud point measurements [CV]
  • Denis Zadražil (2017/2018): Modeling of rare events (tba)
  • Emil Pavelka (2017/2018): Application of Kirkwood-Buff theory on model systems (tba)


  • Anežka Sedmihradská (2017): Interaction of biomolecules with an active surface of a chromatography column (GACR: 16-05942S)

Former group members:


  • Markéta Tomandlová (Bc. thesis 2017 – A): Densitometric determination of salt-specific effects on caffeine within Kirkwood-Buff theory. [CV] now at Inorganic

What do we do and how – poster

There is much more to reveal in soft matter! Enthusiatic students are always welcome!
For inspiration see the list of offered Bc. / M.Sc. / Ph.D. topics – link

For Internships and Seminar Works in theoretical chemistry, write me an email.



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