Welcome new students

Our group strengthens. Currently we have 5 Master students, and one graduated Intern! We are happy to have you here. Hope to have a lot of fun in tackling the challenges in Soft Matter. Group webpage

Theoretical Chemistry seminars

New season of Teochem seminars is here. You can expect a high quality mixture of Czech and foreign speakers The seminars will take place on many Fridays and on few Mondays. We start on Friday, September 20 at 14.30. link

Generic ingredients in Hofmeister series

In our recent contribution with Berlin & Freiburg colleagues, we provide a generic evidence on sufficient interaction ingredients between biomolecules and salts (effective B2-interaction and mean field electrostatics) to manifest in the direct, or reverse Hofmeister series. More details can be found in the manuscript.


Chudoba R.; Heyda J.; Dzubiella J. Tuning the collapse transition of weakly charged polymers by ion-specific screening and adsorption. Soft Matter, 2018, 14, 9631-9642

Arginine ‘Magic’ Established in Accounts

We knew that guanidinium cation is an unique species, which desire our attention. Its ability to form cation-cation pairs is manifested in aqueous solutions of guanidinium salts as well as between arginine sidechains in proteins. Gdm-stackingSuch arginine magic was pointed out to lead to an unexpected attraction between polyarginine chains with consequences to the action of arginine-rich cell penetrating peptides.

For more, check our recent review in Accounts of Chemical Research.
doi: 10.1021/acs.accounts.8b00098

600k hours for collapse kinetics of PNIPAM

615 000 CPU hours were granted in 12th IT4I call for our project entitled: “Collapse kinetics of themoresponsive polymer chain and hydration dynamics”. Denis and Vladimir will be investigating how does the PNIPAM chain collapse, and how does the properties of interfacial water changes near the critical temperature.

More details about projects supported in this IT4I call in Ostrava – link.